Friday, 9 September 2016

Make Your App A Savior, Not Failure!

More than half of all mobile applications on the market today will need to be replaced or rewritten completely in coming years. This daunting fact indicates that there is a complex, resource-rich and troublesome process involved in crafting a successful mobile application. After observing stories from hundreds of app developers, here are some reasons that are accountable for the failure of apps.

Making a Complicated Mobile App

Business websites and web-apps function in a similar fashion - user sign in, browse through a couple of pages, finds the page that he/she is looking for and access data to perform a required task. However, the mobile application is somehow quite different; they are built keeping a limited set of tasks in mind and allow users to quickly perform the desired tasks with minimal effort. Mobile apps should always be made simple. When you build your app like your website; your app is more likely to fail.

Security risks

One of the hardest aspects of the mobile app development process is creating a user-facing API which allows consumers to access your data and functionality.
Once you launch your app through app stores, it means you’ve literally provided a part of your business in the hands of your users. You have permitted everyone to have access to your business. This allows cybercriminals to get to your application’s code easily and peruse it to find weaknesses, making their work simpler and increasing the threat to your organization.

Low App Downloads

Most of the time, app developers spend a significant amount of money and time developing a mobile app only to find that there is hardly anyone using it. As per SAP, it has been found that more than 75% of apps are downloaded once and are never used again. It is important to collect feedback and resolve issues (if any) immediately after they are found. The more frequently you provide updates, the higher the rating will be.

Tough Mobile App Marketing

We know mobile app development is a time-consuming and expensive process. Even after the completion of this long and complicated route, you are only halfway through. Gaining publicity in a competitive market is not an easy task and requires even more resources in terms of time and money. CPC ads are generally a first step taken when launching a new app in the market. You can also go for print-ads in magazines and, TV spots on popular networks (if your budget allows).

So, the moral of the topic is that developing a mobile app for your business is not the end of the story. The moment your app is live, is the moment the story begins!

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