Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Pros & Pros of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Till 3rd April 1973, no one would have expected a prototype, weighing more than 1 kg, measuring about 20cm long, and taking 10 hours to recharge, will lay a solid foundation for shaping today’s digital business.

At present, the total number of mobile apps available in the two most leading app stores—Apple Market and Google Play Store are more than a million. This figure indicates that almost everyone is looking to build an app and/or shift their business to the online market platform. You might get in a dilemma when planning to develop an app for your business thinking whether to employ an internal team and develop it in-house, or look for the freelance company and outsource your project to them? This is an important matter and through this article, I am going to defend as why it is better to go for outsourcing mobile app development and not to build it in-house.

The Pros & Pros of Outsourcing Mobile App Development
  • As per my view, the main advantage of hiring a freelance mobile app development company/individual is the PRICE! Working with a freelance team can be the most convenient and cost effective way. In fact, as per some studies, it has been found that it's relatively cheaper to outsource a project to Europe instead of developing it in-house in the US. The main reason being the difference in living standards.
  • Another benefit of hiring freelance service is that you need not put the effort in searching or hiring proper experts. All this will be managed by the HR team of a company that you will be planning to hire.
  • If you hire service from a reputable company, you will need not to be concerned about training your employees and keeping a constant check on their progress.
  • Also, you will be relieved from the micromanagement, which is generally one of the most time-consuming factors. Development companies take care of that by employing expert Project Managers. This helps you focus on your own business and evaluate other aspects of the outsourced project. Plus, you will be able to socialize more with your friends and family.
  • As there is an immense talent scattered all over the world, you will have a wide range of option for countries and people to business with.
  • You have the opportunity to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. Theoretically, you can work with any professional in the world who knows his onions.
  • If you hire the right people, you can expect transparency and full authority of the development process.
So, these are the reasons that I suggest hiring freelance services to develop a mobile app and save your precious time and hard earned money. In fact, I would suggest AppFirms, an upcoming platform which will cater to all your requirements regarding mobile app development. At AppFirms, you will be able to hire the best talent across the world for your business project.

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