Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Dilemma Between Hiring an Agency or Freelance App Developers

When looking to develop an app for your business, there are certain questions that come to mind.

Whether to develop it or not?

Will it be profitable for me?

Which operating system to target for? And so on.

While there can be a lot more questions that can give you a headache, the answer to all these questions can be given better by a developer only. Although we may not clear all your doubts related to above and other questions, but surely we can help you decide whether to hire an agency or freelancers for developing a mobile app for your business. So let’s get straight to the point.

Hiring Freelancers

If you think of going freelance way, then you will need to assemble a team by your own as you probably might be aware that building an app requires more than just someone to write the codes. Then, you’ll also need a UI (user interface) designer with distinct expertise in designing mobile applications (Apple is known to decline apps with a user interface which is not up to their marks). Also, you will need to find someone who can test the application, and preferably, review the codes. Moreover, you will also need to hire a project manager to manage the vision and plan of your app.

Hiring an Agency

In case you plan to hire an agency specializing in mobile app development, you can easily get the team without much fuzz.

Usually, a small agency team may comprise of a user interface designer, developers, project manager, and a quality analyst. On the other hand, large agency teams will consist of multiple levels and an extensive variety of specialists.

So, it’s up to you as for whether to hire an agency or freelancers for your required project. Both have their merits and demerits. Hiring freelancers may be a tedious task but this way you can hire the best candidate for each profile while in an agency, you don’t have that option. Conversely, the coordination of team in an agency will be better as compared to freelancers.

Factors that Can Help Make your Decision

1.) Budget

In case you only have a budget of under $10K, it’s going to be difficult to hire a “GOOD” mobile app development agency. In such cases, you should go for a freelance app developer. However, if you have a $15K plus budget, you will be able to hire a “GOOD” agency.

2.) Timeline

Once the deal is signed and the payment is made, your agency team will begin your project with full speed. They generally have everything in place to ensure that development process moves swiftly and  
On the other hand, if you try to put together a team of freelancers. You will need to spend a lot of time just to find someone with excellent skills and experience. You may also need to test their skills before entrusting them with your project. They may also have their own pending work which could delay your project. If lucky, you might even expect an exceptional work from freelancers as each individual would be best in what they do.

3.) Vision

As technology is changing and evolving every now and then, mobile apps is not a thing that is developed once. You will always need to keep your updated with the current trends. Your app will be useless over a period of time if not kept updated.

Now, imagine the issue involved in maintaining your app with a new group of freelancers every time as there can be chances that your original team may not be available always.

But, in the case of an agency team, you can be assured of everything. No matter the changes are external or internal, you will always have the agency at your disposal. With an agency, you don’t need to run here and there to make changes in your apps.

In a Nut Shell

Whether you go for hiring a freelancer or an agency, it all depends on your budget. To ease and make things simple for your business, AppFirms has introduced a platform where 90% of your worries and queries regarding your app will be on them. Here, no matter what your budget, business or requirement is and no matter whom you are looking to hire – you will have the options of hiring “GOOD“ agency and freelancers as per your budget.   

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