Thursday, 29 September 2016

No Interviews Only Reviews

When everything is changing in this world, then why should the recruitment process of app developers be the same?

We have seen a drastic change in the mobile technology over the last few years. With the drastic advancement and growth in the usage of Smartphones, there has been a huge demand for mobile applications. This immense demand of mobile application has given birth to mobile application developers.

Every company’s success mainly depends on its employees and this is the same in the case of the app development companies. If an app development company will not have an efficient group of designer and developer, it cannot think of a prospering future. To make their fortune bright and assured, companies practices a strict procedure of hiring developers. Such procedures require a developer to go through multiple rounds and most of them are even useless. Such recruitment process and methods make a developer feel like a convict as if he/she haven’t come for the job but is on court’s trial.

There are many advantages of following a strict selection process, but as we all know – advantages and disadvantages go hand in hand like an old couple. Don’t need to think of a name out of our mobile world and take an example of Steve Jobs, the father of Apple Inc. Being a dropout, Steve Job has made a significant mark in the techno world.

If qualification would have been everything, maybe we would have known Apple as a fruit only.
By this, we meant to say that qualification is not everything. One should also have the skill and more importantly - zeal to do something exceptional and innovative. And, this is what we aim to do at AppFirms.

AppFirms believes in encouraging each and every app developer (whether individual or a company) to contribute and innovate something unusual for the client and for themselves. And, that’s why AppFirms states – “No Interviews and Only Reviews”.

By this, we mean that an app development company (or individual) doesn’t need to go through all that interview web cycle at AppFirms. One just needs to enlist themselves at AppFirms and include some reviews from their existing or past clients. Moreover, AppFirms’ gates are not closed for beginners and startup app development companies.

AppFirms is like a family where everyone has a SAY!

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